Carmen Marin de Leon

Originally from Spain and raised in Switzerland, Carmen Marin is a FinTech investor focused on the digital transformation of capital markets. Her career spans JP Morgan's trading floor, digital strategy and FinTech strategic investments team, as well as early stage FinTech venture capital investing. A Harvard Business School alumna, she currently lives in New York City and works in FinTech private equity. Passionate about philanthropy from her youth in Geneva, Carmen served as the head of fundraising at the International School of Geneva leading relief efforts for the 2010 Haiti earthquake and ongoing projects in India and Nepal. A strong advocate for education as a catalyst for change, she takes pride in her work on and off the ground to fundraise and negotiate school fees for the Sagarmatha Orphanage House in Kathmandu.

During her time at JP Morgan, Carmen was an active member of "Women on the Move," where she championed board diversity encouraging the seats held through JP Morgan’s strategic investments to serve as a platform for greater representation at the top of organizations. Carmen is driven by the incredible mission that the foundation is on and is eager and committed to serving on the board of directors. She is ready to support in any capacity in enabling blind and low-vision communities to maximize their full potential, break barriers into the corporate world, and pursue whatever it is they choose to do in their future.