Nicholas Mahaney

Nic Mahaney is an experienced entrepreneur and product leader based in New York, NY. Currently, Nic is a Founder-in-Residence at Atomic, the world’s preeminent Venture Capital studio. Prior to Atomic, Nic was the Head of Product at Sandhill Markets after the acquisition of the company he co-founded was acquired in January 2022. Nic received his B.S. in Finance from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, where he captained the Men’s Varsity Lacrosse team. After experiencing the ups and downs of life as a student-athlete, Nic founded the Student-Athlete Mental Health and Wellness program to provide student-athletes with on-premises counseling, education, and support resources. Nic is excited to leverage his experience building 0-to-1 to help build TAD’s programming and partnership programs.